This site is mainly for the kids - to keep them informed about their club and provide activities they can do involving nature. Parents are invited to also view our sister site, Hands of the Future, Inc.

There you can find feedback/survey forms, a listing of upcoming events and also an opportunity to volunteer at an upcoming event. Join us!

ms zonda

Welcome to Junior Nature Club!

I am Ms. Zonda and I want to share my love of nature with you. There's a whole world out there, full of life and interesting things to be discovered. My goal is to take you kids on adventures to explore what is out there, to relax, have fun and learn what is so great about our earth. And sometimes that means we get to just play!

When I was a kid, I was curious about everything around me. I was always trying to figure things out, how they worked, what they did, what was the connection to everything else. As I grew up, this evolved into a knack for science, and more specifically, a love of nature itself. At 14 I got involved with the ecology club and we built the first recycling center in Fountain Valley, California where I grew up. This curiosity has even followed me through two college science degrees and now to pass on what I know to you.

In this club, we meet every three weeks. We have a topic that we focus on and usually a game, a craft and a treat that all match the topic of the day. Those that participated in past years came to the meetings with such enthusiasm that they were truly inspiring to me. It showed me that, if what we are doing meant that much to them, it would also mean a lot to other children in the community. I know the benefits of nature to our physical and mental well-being is enormous, so why wouldn't I want to share that with all of you?

All children in grades Pre-Kindergarten to the eighth grade will be able to join us starting this summer (2016) and hopefully we will continue to have lots of fun and learn many things about the world around us. The thing is, I believe in you. I think you can do anything you set your mind to. It is true that we face many challenges on caring for our planet, but I want to show you just how marvelous our piece of the planet is and why it's worth the effort to help it. Who knows, you might grow up to be the next leader on the environment and figure out great ways to help! Even if you don't, you will learn to appreciate what we have – and that's pretty neat too.

Ms. Zonda