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From the mouths of Babes... What the children think really matters

"I had the privilege of being part of Ms. Bryant's Junior Nature Club. At all the meetings, Ms. Bryant prepared a lesson, fun activity, craft, and snack in the theme of the day that helped us learn about nature and have fun with it. Using this method, she taught us about hibernation, migration, animal tracks, and many other subjects concerning nature.

Even though I'm not an "outside person", I had a very fun time at every meeting and really learned things that made going into nature more enjoyable. Now, I appreciate nature more and really like pointing out facts and trivia to my younger brother whenever we have occasion to explore a forest.

If there was a children's forest, I could continue to learn more about wildlife, how to interact with animals and plants, and to appreciate the outdoors. Being in the Junior Nature Club has been a great experience, and I hope other kids will have the same opportunity to enjoy nature." S. C.

"I love Junior Nature Club. I like the scavenger hunt. I think we should have a children's forest so children can have fun and learn about nature at the same time." A. J.

"I really love Junior Nature Club. I really loved the activities. My favorite activity was making pictures with sand and having tadpoles. Everyone there was so nice. I want to go next year. Can you help Ms. Bryant with that?" C. H.

"JNC means a lot to me, it has taught me alot about different birds, animal tracks, wild animals and different plants and trees. We also made lots of crafts like a bat mobile, sqirrel feeder, etc. We did lots of fun activities like dead man's crossing, cycle of a bird and what food birds eat. I would love to do JNC again next year." R. M.

"The Junior Nature Club is the best thing ever. I have learned alot of things that I never knew. One thing is the Muscle Tree. I like that (a black walnut at Celery Bog) and all kinds of plants. I really would love it if we had a big land of stuff for nature. It would be the best for all the children that don't know about nature." S. S.

"I'm 11 years old and in the fall of 2012 I joined the Junior Nature Club. It was one of the best experiences of my life! I learned so much about nature. We went on many hikes and studied nature. It was really fun. We saw alot of wildlife. That included flowers, insects, and MANY birds! I saw many mallards. We all saw several Canada Geese. We even spotted a heron! We had many fun activities like making a bird nest kit, a flower press, and other fun. I learned alot from the nature experience and I hope there will be a children's forest within the next few years. Children with disabilities could be able to learn about nature. We learned to conserve nature and protect nature. Thank you." J. R.

"I finished fourth grade and am 9. I learned a lot in Junior Nature Club such as how to use a compass, mapping skills and different animal tracks. We even got tadpoles to take care of. They started out tiny then they grew alot and got front and back legs and jumped out of the container. We found it and put it back in the water. It survived so the next day we let it go back into the wild. One of the tadpoles died. We think a virus or disease caused its death. I think we need a children's forest because it would be great for kids and hands on experiences. It would be a great place for more kids to go." P. R.

"I have loved Junior Nature Club. My favorite part was the treasure hunt. There were colorful rocks for prizes. Nature Club is good for me because it gives me something to do because I am not into sports" M. T.

"Do you know what a May Apple is? Do you know what a mud puppy looks like? Have you ever been able to see up close and personal the transformation of a tadpole to a frog? These are all examples of just some of what I have learned and experienced through Junior Nature Club. Ms. Zonda and her staff are inspiring leaders that have worked really hard in making our club so much fun and educational. They have even made tasty snacks that go along with each night's theme! I would love to have a Children's Forest that would allow me to continue participating in clubs like Junior Nature Club, as well as exploring a new place of wonder on my own. Thank you for your consideration of a Children's Forest." B. O.

"I have loved Junior Nature Club. My favorite part was when the helpers brought in their pets. I don't do athletics, so nature club is great for me. An interactive forest would be great." M. T.