This site is mainly for the kids - to keep them informed about their club and provide activities they can do involving nature. Parents are invited to also view our sister site, Hands of the Future, Inc.

There you can find feedback/survey forms, a listing of upcoming events and also an opportunity to volunteer at an upcoming event. Join us!

What the parents are saying about Junior Nature Club

"We really can not thank you enough for your heart-felt and inspiring efforts in the Junior Nature Club!!! We are so impressed with what you have put together and the inspiration and joy it brings to the kids. We feel VERY blessed." K. K. & J. K .

"My son LOVED Junior Nature Club last night! I wish I had a video of him running out to the car, so proud with his bird feeder and bird food in each arm! It was really priceless for my heart! Thank you so much for the offering of this opportunity for my children and all the other children in the community!" C. K.

"Thank you so much for your passion for kids to learn about nature and our wonderful planet. Our daughter is absolutely THRILLED with the tadpoles. This will be a great experience for her." T. B.

Thank you for all you do for the Junior Nature Club. We had heard great things and were excited that it worked with schedules for our daughter to take part. She came home so excited about Tuesday. All our kids have had so much fun watching the tadpoles. Thank you for giving the kids this amazing opportunity. Our daughter is already looking forward to future activities. Thank you for being so wonderful!" D. M.